Who Are We?

Dr. Phuoc Le, in Haiti discussing “pulse rounds” while caring for hundreds of cholera victims each shift.

Dr. Phuoc Le, in Haiti discussing “pulse rounds” while caring for hundreds of cholera victims each shift.

A dedicated team of Global Health Hospitalists known as the UCSF Global Health Core and interprofessional colleagues from the School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing at UCSF that seek to promote Global Health Equity and evolve the paradigm of how American health professionals engage in global health.

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Our Mission:

To address, advocate and advance global health equity by transforming the paradigm of how health care professionals engage in global health.

What Are We About?


Dr. Robin Tittle, UCSF Global Health Fellow, performing a routine check-up on a patient at a public district hospital in Haiti.

This interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art education program is aimed at Nurses, Pharmacists, Physicians or any health care professional committed to long term work in global health delivery. This course emerges out of the insight that the barrier to global health care delivery is not necessarily funding or knowledge of how to deliver health care: it is the ability to implement.  The ability to implement in resource poor settings entails not only the will to serve but also the expertise.

Many of the skills needed in global health are not taught in traditional health professional curricula. These include multi-disciplinary topics such as health system design, value chain mapping, leadership training, ultrasound skills, servant leadership, and case studies in effective global health delivery programs led by experienced practitioners.

The Global Health Bootcamp at UCSF will feature both an intense four day course with world experts in global health delivery as well as an opportunity for longitudinal mentorship for a year following the course. We will use the Kanbar Center at UCSF to simulate real life scenarios with expert education. The limited course size will allow for small group sessions, intimate workshops and active discussions.quote 9

When is the Bootcamp?

 The 3rd annual four-day Global Health Bootcamp will take place October 11-14th, 2016.

Who Should Attend:

The UCSF Global Health Bootcamp is designed to jump start the careers of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other health care professionals within global health. The target audience are those with some experience that are looking for more in depth global health delivery education.

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Same room St. Marc Hospital- Sri's piece

St. Marc Hospital Family Residency noon conference.

Check out the following websites to learn more about our team!

Division of Hospital Medicine   http://hospitalmedicine.ucsf.edu/globalhealth/

School of Pharmacy   https://pharmacy.ucsf.edu/

School of Nursing   http://nursing.ucsf.edu

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